Tax preparers deserve a break!

I don’t usually link to other articles but I found it both interesting and educational.  Most taxpayers think we just sit there, enter the numbers in the tax program and “Voilà! Your tax return is complete.”  If it were that easy, wouldn’t you be doing your own taxes already?

We have to study tax changes. We have to, in California at least, get tested and registered.  We have to deal with bumps in the road every last quarter of the year like waiting for Congress to get their stuff together and finish their Christmas vacation (although if i had been President, I would have told them “No vacations, no pay until you have finished!”) Then there’s the IRS and state entities that have to update their forms, then the programmers of the tax programs and the list continues.

So here you go, straight from the mouths of accountants:

Let’s Never Do That Again

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