Take time out to play too

Stop what you are doing right now! You work 80+ hour weeks. You strive to grow our companies and you give up everything to see them achieve success. That’s what you grew up believing; work hard and long hours and you will succeed.
Is that right though?
Putting a firm foundation down in the beginning of starting a business usually means putting in a few extra hours. That’s to be expected. There are days that take longer than others, even seasons (like tax season) where you cram in as many hours as you can. Also expected. When does it become an issue? When a few extra hours become 24-7! When you realize that you are trying to meet everyone else’s needs and your needs are being ignored.
With today’s computers, cell phones, tablets and the myriad of other electronic gadgets, we are constantly connected to our businesses. Gone is family/friends time, gone are the vacations, gone are the weekends. All work, no play.
Look at your day objectively.
Set up a strict schedule. Schedule certain times of your day to answer your emails, make your calls and have your meetings. Schedule an hour, an afternoon, a day in the week that focuses on the growth of your business.
Learn to prioritize.
Most importantly, decide what time your workday is over and don’t answer your business emails, phone calls and texts after that time unless it is an emergency. Same goes for weekends and vacations!
Time for play is just as important as time for work. If all you do is work, you get stressed. You get stressed, you end up with health issues. You end up with health issues, the business suffers… and on it goes. You time is for the benefit of the business. Taking time out for yourself rejuvenates the batteries, ‘clears out the cobwebs’, helps the creativity to flow and makes going back to your business a pleasure rather than a burden.
Start adding your life into your schedule today!

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